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Ana Cerrato

    • Ana became a part of our universe several years ago, when Britt fell in love with her unique footwear brand Cayumas, but more importantly Ana's bold and unapologetically feminine style. We spoke to Ana about her journey with Cayumas, and how her personal style has become synonymous with her brand image.
    • Cayumas started in 2020, inspired by a trip to Venice in 2010. Ana fell in love with the Venetian slippers she saw in many small shops around any corner or between channels there.
    • So she decided to learn about the slippers and its rich history. Life went on until end of 2019 that Ana decided that she really wanted to get involved in this world and traveled back to Venice and then up to Friuli province were all the artisans have their factories. She was lucky to find the best artisans and decided to try to work together.
    • What is it about the Cayumas shoes that makes them so versatile?
    • Cayumas has not invented this type of shoe; they’ve been there for the last 200 years, of course from very rough materials to a mature artisan industry. But what makes Cayumas special is that we do take care of sustainability and use of eco materials, like organic velvets, nickel free buckles and recycled rubber tires from bikes. Versatile because you can wear them in summer or winter, with socks, tights or nothing, with dresses, trousers, shorts or swim wear, by day or by night, casual or elegant, you choose and you win!

    • In what way is colour important to you, and how do you surround yourself with colour?
    • I love color in my life. If you come to our flag store in Madrid, it looks like a candy store, it gives you the feeling of joy for life and happiness. That’s me. Color modifies and conducts our brain to a different stage. Cayumas combination of colors is designed to make you feel the color you buy like part of your personality from the moment you wear them.

    • How would you best describe your personal style, and how do you best
      achieve it?
    • My personal style is pretty much a reflection of my character, days are different so I don’t have a very rigid style, you can see that on our Instagram. What I have clear is that I use my wardrobe as a unity, summer dresses are worn in winter and four ply cashmere pullovers in summer, and of course Cayumas are the same. A year round is one season, what I feel in a day is how I will dress myself and the Cayumas I will use.

    • What do you prioritise when looking for your key wardrobe pieces?
    • I am very much for comfortable and cosy dresses and blouses like Britts’. I love long dresses with light fabrics, but always a couple of jeans or trousers, mostly wide at the end not tight. Being quite a cold person pullovers are all over the place too, and no matter the weather (except rainy days) Cayumas are my choice.