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Britt Sisseck interview with Fashion Gasoil

    • Who are you?

      I am Britt Sisseck, the founder and Creative director of Britt Sisseck.
    • Where are you from?

      I am from Denmark, but born in the States and have lived many years in both France and Spain.



      • What kind of education do you have? Why this passion for fashion?

        I have a BFA with major in fashion design from Parsons school of design in Paris.

        I think my passion for fashion is closely related to my early interest in dance and expression through body language. Fashion is fascinating even today, because it is such an immediate way of communication. Fashion and style is elusive and impossible to define and capture in the moment, the minute one defines a fashion it's no longer fashionable, so I am intrigued by the desire to capture that, and interpret it into a style that is able to outlive the fashion it was originally sparked from.

        I also love how fashion provides us with a very immediate and direct history of humanity, our thoughts and needs during certain periods, the way society was constructed and our moral and religious beliefs at the time. In a way fashion is best understood retrospectively although always created on the verge of tomorrow…. Interesting no?!

      • How long has your brand existed?

        It was founded in 2014

      • How did you get the idea?

        The idea came from being in the business already and seeing the difficulty of creating and surviving as a small independent brand. I saw a slight possibility in focusing on a mono style brand which enabled me to be more cost efficient in both the developing stages, the production and certainly also in the creative aspect. So the idea sprang from necessity in a way and the shirt was an obvious choice for me as it is very versatile piece and also covers the part of our body that we expose the most. I love how the simple classic boyfriend shirt, can be equally super sexy and super conservative, and equally masculine and feminine.

      • What is your fashion DNA?

        Laid back elegance, sensual rather than sexual.

      • Where do you find your inspiration?

        Everywhere. Inspiration is as elusive as the creative process. It’s everywhere and nowhere … it’s ultimately always in the eye of the beholder.

      • What is 'cool' according to you?

        Laid back, sensual elegance.

      • How do you look cool in your everyday style? Do you have any tips to share with us?

      • I pair opposites. If I wear a fancy shirt I will wear a pair of very laid back pants or jeans and If I wear a relaxed boyfriend shirt half tucked in I would wear a pair of beautifully understated perhaps hand sewn shoes or a beautiful bag to go with it.

        Beautiful raw materials are also always cool. There is a vibrancy to exclusive materials that cannot be seconded or replaced.

    • Any accessories you couldn't live without?

      Perhaps sunglasses….. they are definitely timelessly cool.

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