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Meet Anna Sarlvit

  • Anna Sarlvit in Britt Sisseck

  • I work as a creative content creator and influencer with Instagram as my primary social media platform.

    I grew up north of Copenhagen in a small town called Gentofte, but I recently moved into my boyfriend’s beautiful apartment in the middle of Østerbro.

    I’ve always been really interested and inspired by fashion, art, travel and interior design, so these are the main themes for my photography and posts on IG. 

  • Anna Sarlvit in Britt Sisseck
  • 1. Any advice you would like to share for aspiring creatives in your field? 

  • I actually get this question on a daily basis, from young creative people who dream about becoming hits on social media and who really want to grow their follower base on Instagram.

    I always think it’s quite difficult to give them an answer, but the best piece of advice I have on this topic is to remember to stay true to your creative self as it’s crucial to have a visible DNA throughout your work, in order to get the companies out there to notice you.

    And also, don’t forget to have fun with it. Social media and especially IG is the perfect playground to post everything that inspires you.

  • 2. What is the hardest lesson you’ve learnt? And how did you grow from that?

  • I think the hardest lesson I’ve learnt over the past years is that I cant just take a break from the virtual world and stop posting for a week or two, without it having a negative effect on my job. And it can be stressful to always have to inspire others if you don’t feel inspired yourself.

    When COVID-19 hit Denmark in March 2020, I suddenly felt this need for not dressing up at all, I just wanted to spend some time off with my boyfriend and family and so posting this scenario on IG was the furthest thing from my mind. So I didn’t. Actually I did a whole 1 month off social media and it was truly the best choice for my mind and soul at that time. And when I was finally ready to go back to my job and to posting again, I learned that I actually enjoyed and appreciated it a lot more than I’d ever done.

  • Anna Sarlvit in Britt Sisseck
  • Anna Sarlvit in Britt Sisseck


  • 3. What was your biggest revelation as a result of living through the COVID-19 pandemic? 

    My biggest revelation while living though the current pandemic has definitely been that being self employed during a time of crisis can be really hard. When the pandemic hit I found myself with absolutely no jobs as they all got cancelled or postponed and not that many hobbies to distract myself with (except for baking which couldn’t go on for months…) so I started to reflect on how to grow my creative horizons.

    I quickly realized that a big passion for me is interior design. I began collecting flea market finds from all over the country and I painted the walls in both my sisters', parents' and boyfriends' homes. And that made me sure that I want to work with interior design professionally at some point in the future.

  • 4. What is the relevance of fashion in society?

    I think fashion today is more relevant than ever. Not only because fashion is a great indicator to tell us something about the mind behind the clothes, the wearer's personality and maybe even their cultural background. But even more now than ever because fashion is a giant factor in the talk about the environmental catastrophe that is a reality in today's society. Designers and brands really have a chance to make a change and it’s incredible to actually witness the extremely positive evolution that’s going on right now in terms of sustainability and re-use.


  • 5. How do you think your childhood surroundings and environment have influenced your sense of style?

    My mom has worked in the fashion/marketing/PR industry for as long as I remember and she would always take me along with her to fashion shows or events whenever she was able to. I’m sure these early encounters with the creative world have had an influence on my passion for design and that it also influenced my sense of style because I was really aware of it already back then.

  • Anna Sarlvit in Britt Sisseck
  • 6. What does the word “style” mean to you? And how do people emerge as “style icons”?

    For me, a style icon is someone who really stands out from the crowd, not only in terms of their sense of style, but also with what they stand for. I find myself enjoying when people have the courage to show a vulnerable and private side of themselves, for example challenging with motherhood, while still looking like a million bucks without even trying.

  • 7. What’s your favourite way of styling a classic white boyfriend shirt?

    I love to mix both masculine and feminine elements in one outfit in order to make the shapes and the look more interesting. So I would pick an even more oversized classic white boyfriend shirt in order to achieve the right fit and style it with a colourful or patterned long skirt along with some chunky winter boots. Perfect outfit for between seasons!

 Photos: Elisabeth Eibye