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Meet Anne Aamot

  • Anne Aamot is the owner and CEO of AmericanWine and has a huge passion for wine from the US. AmericanWine is one of the largest importers of American wine in Denmark with over 300 different wines from all the major wine producing states in the US.

    From their “secret” little warehouse shop on Tuborg Parkvej 10, they organize weekly wine tastings for their customers.

    We have talked to Anne about the wine business, Christmas and her personal style.

  • How did your journey with wine begin? 

  • I fell in love with the US as a wine country after spending time in Napa Valley as a student in the nineties. Later, as a wine buyer and marketing manager, I travelled the wine world and always dreamt of building my own wine business one day. Some time ago, during the pandemic, my friend Keld called me and told me he wanted to retire and was looking for a person to take care of his small family business. One year later, I was the owner of a small wine company selling wine from the US only.

  • Tell us how you've built your personal brand in the wine world.

  • The wine business is dominated by men and the notion that wine is for the snobs to understand. In my view, wine is all about finding your own personal preferences and sticking to them. I spend a lot of time teaching people how to they can vocalize their wine style and how they can keep on exploring and developing their taste in wine. It is not complicated or snobbish, but fun and enjoyable once you understand how to do it. I like to be close to my customers on a personal level and teach them how to de-mystify the wine world by using simple structured language to describe wine. 
  • What are your key considerations when building a professional wardrobe?


  • My wardrobe needs to be very practical and casual when I carry loads of wine boxes and spend time in my warehouse. Thus, I have many pairs of jeans and woolen sweaters to keep me warn (in the cold tempered wine warehouse) but during customer meetings I always wear a nice shirt to bring some more elegance into the rough and tough look.

    I do wine tastings every week and also have sets of dressier pants and shirts that show more of my personality. Britt Sisseck clothing is great for my work because it lets me combine jeans and a shirt with a nice and different flair.


  • Could you name some wines you would use for a cozy Christmas dinner?

  • For Christmas, I recommend that you snuggle up with a bold, jammy and fruity Zinfandel. This is the wine for you if you absolutely love the taste of blackberry, black cherry, vanilla, and black pepper. For a more elegant and lighter touch: I recommend a Pinot Noir from Oregon. Pinot Noir is the world’s most popular light-bodied red wine. It’s loved for its red fruit, flower, and spice aromas that are accentuated by a long, smooth finish.