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Meet Heidi Ellingsen

  • Heidi Ruud Ellingsen in Britt Sisseck shirt

  • I´m a 35 year old actress, dancer and singer from Narvik in Nordland, Norway.

    I have worked with performing arts since age 21. Since then, I’ve had leading roles on Norway´s most well-known stages such as Folketeatret, Oslo Nye, Det Norske Teatret and Chateau Neuf. Right now I am touring with a play that I initiated and debuted about a year ago. A play about Solveig in Peer Gynt.

    In addition I am working with a musical at Chateau Neuf, “Så som I himmelen” and «Solveig-per aspera ad astra».

    I live with my partner Mads and our three children, Abel, Johannes and Elsa. 

  • Heidi Ruud Ellingsen in Britt Sisseck shirt
  • 1. Any advice you would like to share for aspiring creatives in your field? 

  • Work hard but stay humble and true to heart. Dare to be different and rebellious. Be ambitious but embrace the process. Dare to push the limits and test your boundaries. And always try to find that vulnerable place of yours on stage.

    I believe in working with your imperfections and accepting and embracing them because that is what’s make you unique.

    Don’t let the technique stand in the way of showing your true self.

  • Heidi Ruud Ellingsen in Britt Sisseck shirt
  • 2. What is the hardest lesson you’ve learnt? And how did you grow from that?

  • Six years ago I made an unexpected change in my career.  I chose to leave a fulltime position after only two weeks, at the theater where I had spent the last five years working and more or less learned my trade. The job felt wrong because I wanted to broaden my perspective by freelancing instead of being committed to one place.

    It was an unconventional choice that cost me a lot personally and I doubted myself for a long time, as I also was pregnant with my first child and most of my colleagues thought I was crazy. However, those who knew me supported me all the way. I have thought a lot about why this is such an unconventional choice, and I believe as a woman in this industry you face a lot of competition and comparison and historically your opportunities are fewer and more scarce.
    On the contrary, during the last years my career has blossomed; I work with exciting projects and have written my own play. I work with different and inspiring projects and still have time to spend time with my children. So although it was not the obvious path and personally a difficult decision, I have no regrets.
    After facing this choice I was more confident in making decisions and more fearless. My career aspiration was never to have a stable job but rather to have interesting and fulfilling work.  Be true to your gut feeling; which I believe is to think with both your head and heart.


  • 3. What was your biggest revelation as a result of living through the COVID-19 pandemic?

    That spending all of our time together as a family did not make us want to kill each other, but was actually enjoyable and valuable and I realized how great we are as a unit.

  • 4. What is the relevance of fashion in society?

    I believe that just as the stage reflects society and the issues of the time, fashion does the same.

    It reflects our views, it aims at the future and it echoes the past.


    Heidi Ruud Ellingsen in Britt Sisseck shirt
  • 5. How do you think your childhood surroundings and environment have influenced your sense of style?

    I grew up In the northern part of Norway close to nature and outdoor activities. My dad was a craftsman and a musician and my mom is an academic and politically engaged in climate activisim. I played the violin and I was on the ice hockey team. So I guess that contrasts were a big part of my youth, both at home and in my general environments. In fashion I embrace contrasts, the raw and edgy compared to the feminine. I am drawn to textures, nature and the character of a specific item.

  • 6. What does the word “style” mean to you? And how do people emerge as “style icons”?

    I believe that style is like an outward exhibit of your identity and they way you want to be perceived.

    When I am given a role I am very curious about how this person dresses as it reveals so much about the character. One instantly get an idea about who this person really is from how they dress.  If I am under the skin of my character I would not compromise on the costume selections.


    Heidi Ruud Ellingsen in Britt Sisseck shirt

  • 7. What’s your favourite way of styling a classic white boyfriend shirt?

    Casual, I am seldom preppy and I prefer a more laid back style. Preferably with a simple bun and a understated jewelry. Jeans and corduroy trousers.

    If I want to dress up I will put on a pair of Yvonne Koné boots or if it is a more casual occasion I would wear a pair of sneakers.