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Meet Katrine Rosenthal

  • Katrine Rosenthal

  • I’m an actress, and I was educated at the The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2012. I’m based a little north of Copenhagen, in a little village called Taarbæk, with my husband and three children. 

  • 1. Any advice you would like to share for aspiring creatives in your field? 

  • For me, finding the balance between family, work and art is the key to a happy life.

  • Katrine Rosenthal in Britt Sisseck shirt
  • 2. What is the hardest lesson you’ve learnt? And how did you grow from that?

  • I learnt that you can’t have everything or fulfill every aspect of your life at the same time. Sometimes you have to put yourself aside to make your life and surroundings work. Sometimes for several years. I did that. And now I have time and space to focus on my own development. It was worth working for and while working towards my current situation, I’ve experienced myself grow from a more naive woman into a more mature woman.


  • Katrine Rosenthal in Britt Sisseck shirt
  • 3. What is the relevance of fashion in society?

    For me fashion has a great power! It has always been like that. Fashion tell us a lot about people and about the societies we live in. And right now, designers have a more important role than ever. The environment is catastrophic and the fashion industry is a significant burden for the environment.

  • There's a chance for designers to make a difference and to send an important message about consuming and about fashion habits. We have to rethink the way we buy and uses clothes and the way the fashion industry produces it. I’m so happy to experience how serious Danish designers are dealing with that problem. 
     Katrine Rosenthal in Britt Sisseck Core

  • 4. How do you think your childhood surroundings and environment have influenced your sense of style?

    I think we are all more or less results of our childhood surroundings. My parents had full time jobs, three children and therefore I had a very regular, consistent and amazingly safe childhood. My grandparents on the other hand were artists by heart and had a colorful life surrounded by classical music, ballet and great dinner parties with their characterful friends.

  • I think I have adapted; picking the best from both lifestyles and carving my own path. The same goes according to my sense of style. I’m a very composed person when it comes to style. I pick a little from everywhere until it feels like “me”. I’m not judging my choices and I never care about others opinions. And that’s thanks to my parents. I learned that from them. From the childhood they gave me.

  • 5. What does the word “style” mean to you? And how do people emerge as “style icons”?

    To me style icons is not only about how you dress. It’s about what you stand for as a person. To me it’s all about being a role model. I want a style icon and a role model in one: someone I can look up to, relate to and aspire to. But not someone who is unapproachable.

    6. What’s your favourite way of styling a classic white boyfriend shirt?

    A tight belt and high heels! And red lipstick. So classical. And never boring.