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Selma Chapter Two

    • We first spoke to Selma in August 2021, when she made a dramatic lifestyle change and moved to a remote village in Spain to pursue her dream of working with horses.
    • Two years on, we're catching up with Selma to hear about how her rural life has been just outside of Madrid.
    • Since we last spoke, how has life in Spain changed for you?
    • Somehow a lot has changed and somehow everything is the same. I am still in Spain riding and guiding the rides for Equiberia, but at the same I am studying biology at the university in Copenhagen. So my life has been a lot of back and forth lately. Now I am going to Argentina to be a guide in Patagonia.

    • Why does this lifestyle appeal to you so much?
    • For me this life is pure freedom! Sitting on a horse in these remote mountains away from everything is freedom. We follow the rhythm of the animals and the weather, and only defy the storms when we feel brave. Freedom like that doesn’t exist anywhere else and that’s why I love it here.

    • Why is important that your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle?
    • I like to just put on something that is beautiful and easy. Most of the time I wear riding pants. Both very slim ones and the old fashioned ones, they look like old military pants, so a Britt Sisseck shirt really completes my look. I feel effortless and beautiful instantly. I travel a lot and what makes it so easy is my BS pieces. A silk for evening and a new cotton for every day is my go-to for packing.

    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

      Riding horses that’s for sure.
      Then my dream is to have a beautiful house, with a big kitchen where friends and family sis around a big table in front of a huge fire place. A cat and a few dogs in the hallway… with my sister living in the guesthouse! 
      • What has been a highlight of 2023 for you?


      • My boyfriend bought me a horse named Cariño, it means darling. I truly love that horse.

      • What is a goal or dream you would like to achieve next year?
      • First of all to finish my degree in biology. And then I have a dream to ride on a safari in Namibia.