Shirt Chronicles: Off the cuff...

        • An introduction to Danish ceramic artist Malene Knudsen, who is based in Copenhagen. Malene has a formal background in architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark. After becoming very ill on a trip to Asia, Malene developed a stronger appreciation for the fragility of life and decided to spend more doing what makes her happy, with those she loves. She has been working with ceramics since 2018.

          Her wise words really struck a chord: "I learned that happiness is something that you create, and not something you find in a place where you have forgotten to look."

        • Thea Lovstad in Britt Sisseck

        • Thea Caroline Sneve Løvstad is a London-based Norwegian eco artist and founder of L.K STUDIO.

        • Heidi Ellingsen is a very talented Norwegian actress, with leading roles on Norway´s most well-known stages such as Folketeatret, Oslo Nye, Det Norske Teatret and Chateau Neuf. We love how she has carved her own professional path, to allow her to achieve her artistic goals while building a family. This is something we find inspiring and we feel it is reflective of women across many professions. We hope it inspires you too.

        • Katrine Rosenthal is a Danish actress who was educated at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. She is a longstanding friend of Britt's and has modelled some of our Core collection. You can read more about her inspiration and life here. 


        • Alice Herbst is a Swedish artist, who lives and works on the island Lidingö, north of Stockholm, as an oil painter. When Britt met Alice, she immediately fell in love with her personal radiance and her art. We are so proud to feature her as our first muse on our Gallery. You can read more about her work, inspiration and thoughts on fashion here.