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Meet Thea Løvstad

  • Thea Lovstad

  • Currently I am...

    Located in my hometown Kragerø due to the lockdown in London. The days are spent working remotely, strolling by the coast, seeing friends and family that I normally meet only a few times a year. This is in fact the first time in 9 years that I’ve experienced the Nordic winter properly and I must say seeing the seasonal shifts in nature has been thrilling. It makes me feel more grounded somehow and I have once again connected with my Norwegian roots in so many ways. In addition I have tested old winter activity skills like ice skating and cross country skiing, which has been great fun to say the least!

  • It’s a really good day at work when...

    I get into a proper creative flow, meet interesting people on set, get to see new locations and no tech issues occur!

  • Thea Lovstad
  • My home office looks like...

    During normal circumstances it’s at home in London (when not shooting): An oak ladder desk filled with books, my trustworthy iMac, a scented candle and stationery accompanied by my beloved vintage Poul Cadovius chair. It is always perfectly tidy as that boost my concentration and I cannot stand mess. The window is constantly ajar to keep the air fresh and mind clear, a cuppa tends to always be nearby and I listen to radio and podcasts all day long. However, since there is still a pandemic going on and I’m currently in Norway, my “home office” is in perpetual change – the most important thing is to sit comfy, be surrounded by lots of natural light and sit in a tidy, calm and inspiring room.

  • When I have time off I like to...

    Swim in the sea, cook and eat with loved ones, exercise, spend time in nature, watch films.


    Thea Lovstad
  • My first holiday destination post COVID-19 will be...

    Italy! To visit and reunite with family and friends over there.

  • My first love affair was...

    With chocolate – it has always been and will always be my main guilty pleasure.

  • The last book I read was...

    “Catching Thunder: The True Story of the World’s Longest Sea Chase” by Eskil Engdal and Kjetil Sæter. It’s about a group of ships (wanted by Interpol) illegally fishing for endangered species and accumulating millions in profits. The authors, together with Sea Shepherd’s ship Bob Barker and its crew, sets off to Antarctica to chase the illegal business and it becomes a race like no one has seen before. An easy read with a remarkable story! I learnt so much about fishing criminality which is honestly mind blowing, there is a proper mafia business behind it all.

  • I like to style a boyfriend shirt with...

    Tailored trousers, flats, an oversized mac and gold jewellery.