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Meet Louise Moestrup

  • "I appreciate all flowers, the delicate, the humble, the wild and the fancy ones.

    After more than twenty years with a busy and sometimes stressful life as the owner of a floristry in Copenhagen, I now enjoy a much quieter life creating paper flowers.

    I am interested in all the different stages of the flowers' lifecycles.  From the tiny bud to the withered one. To me, it is a beautiful picture of the impermanence of life."

    • You made a big decision, closing your floristry and fully dedicating yourself to the delicate art of creating paper flowers. How has your life changed since?

      Since I sold my flower shop my life has changed a lot. At  the beginning, I had a hard time finding my identity. It was scary to realize that my job was such a big part of my life.

      I've spent a few years finding peace. Now I am very happy with my life. The slow process of creating paper flowers is the complete opposite of my former working life and I love it. It is very exciting to look into the structure of a flower.

  • What kind of flowers would you use for Christmas?

    To me every flower can be a Christmas flower, but if I should choose one variety, I would choose onion plants like Hyacinths, Amaryllis and Tulips. All of them represent Spring and hope to me.