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Meet Gunhild Persson

  • Gunhild Persson is a pastry chef, chocolatier, and owner of the famous and unique Alida Marstrand in Copenhagen. This small chocolate shop first opened its doors in 1930: founded by a young Alida Marstrand after losing her husband. The basement shop has been producing exquisite chocolates, marzipans and desserts for over 90 years now, becoming one of the favorite chocolate shops of Copenhageners and even the Danish Royal Family. 

    Six years ago, Gunhild took over Alida Marstrand's chocolate shop and has been perfecting the original recipes and including new ones since.

    We talked to Gunhild about chocolate, Christmas and taking over a 92-year-old business. 

  • How did you become a chocolatier? Where did you learn?

    I am a pastry chef and learnt about chocolate from my education and courses.

    After 14 years in konditories I changed to the chocolate world. I worked at Magasin Chocolate factory for two years and went to Belgium for a course in chocolate. 

    I got the job at Alida Marstrand and worked for the previous owner for six years. In that way I got to know all of our wonderful costumers and this special place.

  • How was it to take over such an established business? Have you added any new products or processes to the company yourself?

  • In the six years of me being the owner of Alida Marstrand, I have tried to lift up the looks of the chocolate and lift up the quality even more by finding the best ingredients and adding more taste to some favorites.

    I have added new recipes and also my wonderful employees have given new ideas to chocolates like Christmas snowballs and more.

    We do a lot with fruits, like figs, ginger, orange peel, dates, prune and much more. 



  • Do you celebrate Christmas? What does it mean to you?

    I do celebrate Christmas and I love it. 

    I think mostly of the Christian values and I love to give, both gifts and love, to the people around me. 

    Since I work with sweets, and have done so for many years, I so much appreciate the wonderful Christmas food. So spending time with family, eating good food and resting after a very busy two months and also baking and having fun is what I value the most. 


  • Which are your favorite chocolates for Christmas? Do you have any special recommendations?

    In the shop we have some rolls (ruller) that I Named "Santa's Cigar". They are my favorites for Christmas. They have borg marcipan, nougat, krokant, cinnamon and Grand Marnier. They even have roasted hazelnuts. 

    Also our figs in cognac are so good.