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Meet Elisabeth Heier

    • Elisabeth Heier in Britt Sisseck
    • Currently I am...

      Enjoying spring in Oslo, managing exciting work projects and spending time with my children. We all wait for lockdown to be over but despite everything, the past year has given me time to learn new skills and develop my business. And most importantly the time has taught me to appreciate everything I have.

    • It’s a really good day at work when...

      I feel I am having a creative breakthrough. A creative process can be a challenge, going from “this is fantastic” to “this isn’t working at all” to “this is actually good”. I´ve learned through the years to accept that’s how it is rather than being frustrated; trusting the process and that it will be ok in the end.

    • Elisabeth Heier in Britt Sisseck
    • My home office looks like...

      I work from my kitchen table when I am at home but equally much work is done when I am out running, driving my car or just out and about. Ideas don’t come by on demand but rather when I allow my mind to run free.

    • When I have time off I like to...

      Spend time with my friends and family and have long chats until late hours.


    • My first holiday destination post COVID-19 will be...

      Right now I’d travel anywhere! I so miss the feeling of waking up in an unknown city, hearing a language I’m not familiar with and taking in the atmosphere and explore.

    • My first love affair was...

      The little kitty I got when I was seven years old. I loved him dearly and mourned for a long time when he passed away.

    • The last book I read was...

      “Shadow Dancer" by Danish-Kurdish author Sara Omar.

    • I like to style a boyfriend shirt with...

      Skinny jeans and heels, or just use it as a pajama in the morning.

    • Elisabeth Heier in Britt Sisseck